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ATB Websites

  • Akoni Kama - Includes dirtboarding video clips, photos, and a Flash slide show. 
  • ATBaction - Includes photos, tips and tricks, message board, and reviews.
  • Cedar Ledge Rocks - Canton, PA mountainboard dirt park. Directions and riders pictures.
  • CMBC - Cornish MountainBoarding Crew from England. Contains pictures and video clips.
  • Dirtsurfer - Online magazine with pictures, videos and chat.
  • Dune Riders International - The governing body for competitive sandboarding and sand dune conservation. Includes calendar, member list, how to join, and organization by laws.
  • East Coast ATB - Offers gear, training tips and riding locations.
  • Ed and Hinch UK ATB - Mountainboarding news, events and site reviews for the UK boarder. Also includes trick and maintenance tips, used equipment buying guide, photos, ramp plans, message board, and related links.
  • The Foursome ATB crew - Featuring bios, pictures, and jump plans.
  • mrxxxx98's Boarding - Includes pictures and mountainboarding links.
  • Off-Road Boarding Magazine - A source for all-terrain boarding and mountain boarding news, events, results, rides, tips, and tricks.
  • RockBoarding - Dedicated to boarding or skiing downhill on a rubble field and the annual race held since 1995 in the Gastern Valley in Kandersteg, Switzerland.
  • Sand Master Park - Commercial sandboard park located in Florence, Oregon. Includes event listing, park admission fees and hours of operation, directions, and photos.
  • SoHum Dirt Riders - Josh and Pher's collection of dirtboard links and photos.
  • Streetsailing - All about windsurfing on land. Includes information on putting your gear together, instructional videos, photos and links.
  • Temecula Mountainboarder Corner Italian mountainboarding site.
  • Waffle's ATB Spot - A collection of All-terrain Boarding information and pictures. Includes ramp tips and rail tips.
  • Yough All-Terrain Club - Mountainboard club of Yough Middle School in Ruffsdale, Pennsylvania

Other Websites

  • The complete source for everything about     wakeboarding.

  • for t-shirts (promoted by

  • B My Leisure - Offers a variety of outdoor equipment and apparel.

  • Hotel Reviewer - Hotel Reviews and reservations at discount prices.

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