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News and Events

Send us your news and events to nrx@mountainboarder.com

Top Story:  The year of Tow In Riding. Tow in montainboarding has become all the rage. Being pulled behind an ATV, car or a Dazon Mini Rail means that flat spots are now open to shed. Check out the ultimate tow vehicles at www.sandhighway.com

 2004 Mountainboarding
2003 was aother great year for mountainboarding. There were some highlights with the nationals and many local competitions popping up across the states. 2004 looks to be the year mountainboarding grows up. We shipped boards to hundreds of new riders through the Christmas season and we know every board sold means exposure for the sport.

Mountainboarder.com has big plans for 2004. This Website has generated a great deal of interest over the years and we are going to expand our offerings. We are bringing several new manufacturers on board to help support the incubation of new companies. Locally Mountainboarder.com will continue to run Demo sessions throughout California to get newbies up and running. Additionally we are adding several local competitions and a summer youth camp.

  Dregs Skateboards are the boards of choice for professional downhill skateboard racers World wide. We now carry the full line from pool boards to the famous downhill bombers. Check out the Biker Sherlock signiture model. Order Here.

Indo Boards for Training
The Indo Board is the perfect balance trainer for any board sport. Practice tricks on the Indo Board and then transfer them to your mountainboarding. If you want to progress fast without the crash and burn sessions hook up with an Indo Board today. Order Here.

Varmints Shred
The Varmint is the new junior model recently released by Mongoose ATB. At 10lbs these boards are light and fun to ride. Perfect for the little guys the board is popular with skateboarders making the transition to the dirt.


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