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Terraboard F117 OUT OF STOCK!
The proven performance of the FL 117 plus a bulletproof composite deck and custom pro graphics. Quick response in all riding conditions. This lightweight board kicks dirt in the face of the competition. Our teams top choice in mountainboards! Simply put we like this board better than any other we have tested. Infact almost everyone at has switched to the F117.

Model Name TerraBoard F117 Pro Series
Item # MB018
Overall Length 117cm
Weight Only 14 lbs lightest full size available
Deck Construction Cross-laminated maple core with PBT base for extra durability
Truck Construction 15 inch Aluminum Shock Trucks
Hub Construction Tri-spoke composite hubs
Bearings ABEC-3, Rubber Shielded
Tire Style 8" Primo Alpha Tires
Tire Size 215mm x 65mm
Bindings Pro Flex Bindings
Suspension Bushings  1 Soft set 1 Hard set
Owners/Instruction Manual Yes
Packaging Box
Price ONLY $279.99 OUT OF STOCK!

OUT OF STOCK! Check out the Hyline V-12 6

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