What Happened To Dregs Skateboards?

A classic Dregs Skateboards design

The previous owners of this site had a selection of Dregs Skateboards for sale that were immensely popular with mountainboarding fans. The series included some classic downhill racing boards that were a dream to ride – we’re talking about the Pool Service, Biker Pro, Concave Classic… to name just a few. Dregs were known for … Read more

Mountainboard vs Longboard: What’s The Difference?

Mountainboard vs Longboard

The choice between riding a mountainboard or riding a longboard entirely depends on what terrain a rider will use and what they hope to achieve. If you are unsure about what you prefer, we’re going to run through some of the key differences of riding a mountainboard vs longboard. We have also included the pros … Read more

What Is Mountain Boarding?

Solo mountain boarding

New to the sport? Wondering… “What is mountain boarding?“ Mountain boarding is an extreme sport that allows people to “ride” diverse terrains. The outdoor activity is similar to surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. But – there’s no need for killer waves, black diamond slopes or concrete to test your boarding skills. What was once thought of … Read more