How to Ride An Off Road Skateboard

man in green tshirt riding skateboard

One of the main advantages of learning how to ride an off road skateboard is how much of the world it opens up to you. With this kind of skateboard, you can do much more than ride on paved roads and skate parks. You can now choose a spot on a map, and there’s a … Read more

What Is A 4WD Electric Skateboard?

riding on electric urban modern skateboard with backpack

If you enjoy off-road adventures and enjoy electric skateboarding, you might just fall in love with the 4WD electric skateboard. Although there are several options on the market today, the one that stands out is the “Baja board“. It’s a 4WD electric skateboard that is simply a dream come true for those who love the … Read more

6 Essential Motorized Mountain Board Maintenance Tips

father and son standing with mountain bike and mountainboard on road

A motorized mountain board is different from a traditional skateboard. Think of your motorized mountain board as you would a car or an electric scooter; it needs mechanical servicing regularly to keep it running smoothly. Give it deep servicing periodically and something as simple as an oil change regularly. The details of maintenance will vary, … Read more

How To Customize Your Dirt Skateboard

man riding dirt skateboard

Dirt skateboards are great for doing tricks and getting around quickly, but you may want to customize yours to make it unique. You can do this by adding stickers, painting it, or even changing the wheels. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind dirt skateboard in no time! If you want know … Read more

How Dangerous Is Off Road Skating?

skateboarder with skateboard walking on sunrise mountain peak

Off-road skating and mountainboarding have both gotten popular over the last decade. As expected, some people look for ways to make it even more extreme whenever something becomes popular. That is exactly what happened to skating. Today, what was once a preserve of an asphalt road is now dominating the offroad industry. Mountain boards, off-road … Read more

What Is A One Wheel Off Road Skateboard?

man on offroad skateboard

Today, there are technological advancements in almost every market, and one area seeing a lot of positive movement and growth is what tech enthusiasts like to call the “mobility segment.” Technically, this simply refers to devices such as electric cars, electric skateboards, gas-powered mountain boards, and now the One wheel off-road skateboard. Onewheel off-road skateboards … Read more

How to Change Your Mountain Board Deck: A Step-by-Step Guide

skateboarder at skateboard park with mountainboard

Wondering how to change your mountain board deck? All good things must come to an end. The same is true for your mountain board deck. No matter how well you take care of it, your mountain board deck will gradually get run down and eventually need replacing. How long that takes varies greatly. Depending on … Read more

How to Choose Mountain Board Bindings That Fit Your Style

man riding skateboard

Whether you are using an electric mountain board or going old school, one thing is constant: you will need to use a good set of mountainboard bindings. These are quite simply the unbreakable links between your deck and your feet. With the right mountain board bindings, you will not only be comfortable when riding your … Read more

Electric Longboard Maintenance: How To Care For Your Board

Terrain Electric Longboard

Electric longboards are increasingly popular because they are more practical and have a higher max speed than analog boards, especially over longer distances. This automation, however, also comes with added sensitivity and service and maintenance demands. We looked at some of the leading electric longboard makers to estimate the limits of their toughest products. We … Read more

Downhill Longboarding Guide: 6 Tips for Downhill Skating

Downhill longboarding

According to Guinness World Records, the fastest skateboard speed in a standing position ever recorded was 91.17 mph. It happened at L’Ultime Descente, a gravity sports event. The gravity event technically qualifies as downhill longboarding, where a rider can achieve an extremely high speed. When on a downhill longboard, you can achieve higher speeds than … Read more

How to Ride a Gas Powered Off Road Skateboard

Boy on powered mountainboard

Gas powered off road skateboards were introduced in 1975 and have become synonymous with riders looking for that extra adrenaline rush you get with higher speed. Much like regular off-road skateboards, riding a gas-powered off-road skateboard has rules. You have to pay close attention to the basics as well as safety. If you are in … Read more

Electric Mountain Board Parts: Pros and Cons of 3D Printing

Mountain skateboarder

Depending on the specifications, an electric mountain board could cost you anything from $500 to even more than $3,000. The advantages of owning one are unparalleled, especially if you are an avid skateboarder. This cost, however, can be reduced if you can find ways to 3D print the electric mountain board parts you need and … Read more

How to Install Mountain Board Suspension Trucks

mountainboard with helmet

Here is our in-depth guide on how to install mountain board suspension trucks. We should start by differentiating the different types of trucks and where they are relevant so that our thoughts on installation make sense. The geometry of the trucks affects how the mountainboard turns and different trucks are applied differently to achieve diverse … Read more

Where to Buy Super Wide Off Road Skateboard Trucks


Wondering where to buy super wide off road skateboard trucks? As a skating enthusiast, you might want to upgrade your skateboard at some point. Or you may customize your ride with specific parts such as super wide off-road trucks, especially if you’re fond of riding on a rough surface or terrain. Whenever you are looking … Read more

What Longboard Parts and Accessories Do I Need?

Longboard Parts and Accessories

Every ATB enthusiast needs access to high-quality longboard parts and accessories. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to start riding, a veteran rider who wants to upgrade, or you just need to replace a worn-out part. You can assemble the all-terrain longboard of your dreams and modify the setup to fit your skills and needs. … Read more

How to Replace Bearings on a Mountain Board

motor mountain board

Learning how to replace bearings on a mountain board should be at the forefront of your mind. It’s about as important as learning how to ride your mountain board safely. Luckily, replacing mountain board bearings isn’t as tricky as learning some of those death-defying mountain board riding tricks. We take a quick look at six … Read more

10 Best Electric Skateboards: Power Up Your Ride

modern commute on electric skateboard in city urban transportation battery powered vehicle

Looking for the best electric skateboards? You may be growing weary of the never-changing suburban sidewalks, paved roads, skate parks, and urban tracks. Maybe you want to experience something new, or you are an off-road veteran who still enjoys skating on rough terrain. These electric boards can handle multiple terrains and have powerful motors capable … Read more

MBS Mountain Boards Review: Our Pick of the Best MBS Boards

man skating with mbs mountain board

MBS Mountain Boards is, by far, one of the leading brands in the industry today. Not only was it founded by the inventors of mountain boarding, but it also has an illustrious history of producing nothing but the best quality all-terrain boards in the market. In this MBS Mountain Boards review, we take a look … Read more

How to Create Your Own Grass Board

Skateboard laying in grass

Many sports allow the participants to get very close to the terrain at death-defying speeds. Grass boarding is one such sport. It is an experience very much like mountain boarding and all-terrain skateboarding. Grass boarding is all about achieving great speed while maneuvering through the terrain to feel that all-important adrenaline rush that comes with … Read more

How To Clean All-Terrain Boards in 6 Easy Steps

Terrain Boards Maintenance and Cleaning

Unlike a street board that coasts on a paved road, an all-terrain board travels on dirt roads and uneven terrain, accumulating dirt and debris that, if left unchecked, will adversely affect the performance of the board and increase the risk levels every time you ride. Every rider needs to know how to effectively clean their … Read more

Skateboarding vs All-Terrain Boarding: What’s the Difference?

skateboarding stunt

Skateboarding has come a long way since the 50s. What used to be a simple plastic or wooden platform mounted on wheels has become slightly more complicated with a host of variations designed to suit different riding needs. This refinement of different skateboard decks has led to alternative options, such as all-terrain boarding, offroad boarding, … Read more

5 Best All-Terrain Electric Dirt Boards

Electric mountain board

Looking for the best all-terrain electric dirt boards? Skateboards have been around for decades. They are a very popular mode of transportation among the young. The issue with skateboards is that they have a limited range in terms of terrain. While they work perfectly on paved roads, they aren’t ideal to race on rough terrain … Read more

10 Best Off Road Skateboards For All Terrain

offroading skateboarding

Off-road skateboards allow you to take uncharted paths and bask in the beauty of nature. The trails provide a different challenge from what you may be used to in concrete jungles within the suburbs and cities. They bomb through obstacles that would stop a regular skateboard dead in its tracks, which is what sets them … Read more

How to Prevent Mountainboarding Injuries

Mountainboard rider during downhill in mountainboard park

Did you know there are approximately 176 skateboard or mountainboarding injuries in the United States alone every day? These are numbers based on a two-decade-long study that looked into how many emergency room visits were related to skateboarding and mountainboarding. It came out to roughly 64,500 injuries each year. Mountainboarding and skateboarding injuries are causes … Read more

How to Choose Downhill Longboard Decks

Skateboarder with mountainboard riding down the hill

The sheer number of available options for choosing downhill longboard decks can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re new to the sport and all you have to go on is what your friends tell you is best. Thankfully, the process of choosing a downhill longboard deck doesn’t have to be so complicated. In … Read more

DIY Mountain Board Project – How A 3D Printer Can Help

Skateboarders with mountainboard at the top of the hill

We all want to be unique in our own way, and what better way to do that than by taking on a DIY mountain board project using a 3D printer? Yes, 3D printing your own mountain board is possible and has already been done by people like James Bruton of XRobots. The video below highlights … Read more

8 Best Longboard Wheels For Rough Roads

Skater traveling iceland on his longboard

Riding your longboard on a smooth surface is all well and good, but if you want to test both your mettle and your skills, taking it off-road is the ultimate challenge. Not only does rough terrain present you with unique challenges such as cracked pavements, lack of traction on gravel, and little bumpy surprises along … Read more

9 Best Downhill Longboards for Beginners in 2022

man practices longboarding downhill on a road

Longboards are typically longer and wider than a standard skateboard. They measure between 39 to 60 inches and have larger wheels with precise hardware. This makes them perfect for cruising, dancing, curving, and freestyle. However, they may vary depending on their use. Here are some of the best downhill longboards for beginners. 1. Best Overall: … Read more

How to Change Mountainboard Parts and Customize Your Board


A mountain board has several components, including a deck, whose function is to be the rider’s base, and a mounting point for parts like trucks. They also have bindings to secure a rider onto the board and four wheels. Mountainboards often require pneumatic tires for traction on different surfaces like pavement or gravel roads. These … Read more

Mountain Board Brakes System: Is It Really Necessary?

Close up of mountain skateboard in the mountain skateboard park

There has been a long, drawn-out battle over whether skilled riders need mountain board brakes. One school of thought feels like riding using brakes will hamper your ability to master the mountain board and view it as a shortcut. The other lot believe that riding with a brake makes the learning process faster, safer, and … Read more

The History of Dirt Boarding – How It All Started

electric longboard on a dirt covered trail

Dirt boarding, also known as mountain boarding, is an idea that borrows heavily from one that already existed before it: snowboarding. The idea came about mostly because snowboarders around the globe got bored during summertime. For an avid snowboarder, summertime can mean six months of nothing but boredom as they wait for the return of … Read more

Mountain Boards for Kids – Everything You Need to Know

asian boy wearing helmet

Mountain boarding is a lot like skateboarding. The only differences are that mountain boards are much bigger, have foot wraps, and are typically ridden on rougher terrain. That’s one of the main reasons mountain boarding is also referred to as grass boarding; you will most likely be riding down the side of a grass-covered hill … Read more

How To Choose Mountain Board Tires

close up of mountain skateboard on the track

In simplest terms, a mountain board is very much like a skateboard – only a mountain board can be ridden on almost every kind of terrain, which isn’t always the case with a skateboard. That directly translates to mountain board tires being very different from skateboard tires. Let’s take a quick overview of mountain board … Read more

What Are Mountainboard Trucks?

Mountainboard Trucks

Mountain boards and skateboards work similarly; they are both highly agile boards on wheels. So, it should come as no surprise that mountainboard trucks and skateboard trucks would have some similarities. This guide will help you understand mountainboard trucks as much as possible. Yes, it could be that these types of technical topics aren’t why … Read more

How Do Gas Powered Mountain Boards Work?

gas powered skateboard

Thousands of adventure fans love the thrill that comes with zipping down the side of a hill in the great outdoors while riding their off-road mountain boards. There are many different kinds of mountainboards, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular mountain boards are motorized, so you have to charge … Read more

What Is Mountain Kiteboarding?

mountain kiteboards

The thing about people who love speed is that they try to use their surroundings to harness that speed wherever they may be. This is as true with landboarding as it is with mountain kiteboarding and pretty much any other sport that requires rapid motion for that adrenaline rush to kick into play. If you … Read more

Top 5 Advantages of Electric Mountain Boards

electric skateboard on the park on a sunny day

If electric skateboards are the Teslas of the skateboarding world, then the electric mountain board is the Tesla Cybertruck. These rugged EMTBs not only give you the thrill and speed that comes with riding a skateboard but also the ability to go off-road and explore pretty much any terrain that comes to mind. This ability … Read more

How to Choose Off-Road Skateboard Wheels

boy on motor skateboard

There’s more to your skateboard wheels than just looking cool. The wheels determine your speed, which kind of terrain you can tackle, and how technical your skateboarding can be. When choosing off-road skateboard wheels, there are a few features you need to keep in mind. These are factors that will directly impact your experience on … Read more

5 Tips To Get Started With All Terrain Longboards

kid with longboard

All-terrain longboarding can be fun. However, like with every other motor skill, you need to learn the basics before you can truly enjoy all that the sport has to offer. Thankfully, getting started with longboarding isn’t all that difficult, and neither does it have to be a daunting challenge. The problem with some beginners is … Read more

Skateboard Wheels vs Mountain Board Wheels – The Key Differences

Skateboard wheels

To understand the difference between skateboard wheels and mountainboard wheels, you first must understand the difference between these two strangely similar modes of transportation. A skateboard is a four-wheeled device with a flat board or deck over four wheels and can cover distances much faster. It could have a narrow, medium, or wide deck and … Read more