10 Best Electric Skateboards: Power Up Your Ride

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Looking for the best electric skateboards?

You may be growing weary of the never-changing suburban sidewalks, paved roads, skate parks, and urban tracks. Maybe you want to experience something new, or you are an off-road veteran who still enjoys skating on rough terrain.

These electric boards can handle multiple terrains and have powerful motors capable of hauling your weight up uneven surfaces while maintaining stability, traction, and safety.

We compiled experiences from our team of avid riders and compared them to multiple online reviews to come up with this list of the best electric skateboards on the market today.

Let’s take a look!

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10 Best Electric Skateboards For Skating Off-Road

1. Blitzart 38” Hurricane Electric Longboard

Blitzart 38 Hurricane Electric Longboard

The deck on this beauty is a testament to the quality of workmanship that went into its making. The abrasive anti-slip grip tape with the Blitzart logo imprint covers a seven-ply northwestern maple wood deck sandwiched between two layers of premium bamboo. It is flexible yet sturdy and concave to ensure your feet are firmly in place and supports up to 250lbs comfortably.

This skateboard is powered by a 36V, 40Ah, 144Wh lithium-ion battery pack capable of hauling your weight up steep hills. This fast-charging battery only needs three hours to complete a charging cycle, so you don’t need the patience of a monk, which is something that most riders struggle with. It has a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour and an impressive range between eight and 10 miles.

This skateboard’s strength also comes from the powerful 350W brushless hub motor. The hub motor doesn’t interfere with the look of the board like a belt-driven motor would. It is quieter and can even be applied even without the battery like a manual board.

The Hurricane Electric Longboard also features a futuristic wireless remote with which you can manage acceleration, deceleration, and even reversing. There are two-speed modes, so both beginners and skilled riders can have fun and a hold function that keeps the board still as you get on and off it. It also has an efficient regenerative brake that utilizes kinetic energy, reducing the burden on the battery system.

The board is relatively lightweight for all these features, weighing only 13.6lbs. It has a carved-out carry handle which makes it extra portable without affecting the shape of the deck.

The tires are replaceable and you can retrofit them with whatever you need for your kind of terrain.


  • Quality workmanship
  • Supports up to 250lbs
  • Fast-charging battery
  • Maximum speed of 19mph
  • 8 to 10-mile range
  • 350W brushless motor
  • Wireless remote
  • Two speeds
  • Regenerative brake
  • Lightweight at only 13.6lbs
  • Replaceable tires


  • Going uphill is a bit of a challenge at the high end of the weight capacity

2. SWAGTRON Swagskate NG3 Youth Electric Skateboard

SWAGTRON Swagskate NG3 Youth Electric Skateboard

The Swagskate NG3 Youth Electric Skateboard has a hands-free kick-to-cruise function, so you can move more with fewer kicks and concentrate on your carving and coasting. Once you get to the desired speed, the patented move-more technology can lock it in a form of cruise control for speeds up to 9.3 miles per hour. This means you ride longer and cover longer distances with fewer kicks.

The push-assist skateboard has strategically placed weight and motion sensors that can detect the moment you dismount, and the skateboard is programmed to stop within seconds afterward, so you won’t have to chase after it downhill. You also use your kicks to slow down as the smartboard can differentiate between kick-offs and actual dismounts. You don’t need a remote control, and your hands are free to use for aerodynamics.

The 72mm polyurethane wheels are soft enough to absorb shock from bumpy rides yet sufficiently hard to rebound for stability. The dense polypropylene deck supports up to 150 pounds of body weight, covering many teenagers and young adults. It is 8.9 inches wide, offering a stable foothold and control at higher speeds.

The NG3’s battery is UL certified for safety, and its electrical and charging system is balanced to control temperature rising, overcharging, or overvoltage. The battery only needs 90 minutes of charging, and a single charge can power up to six miles of riding, so a single charge might take you much further than this, and you can ride the skateboard even after the battery is depleted. This skateboard can also ride as a traditional board and doesn’t rely solely on the battery for power.

This board is lightweight at less than eight pounds and sufficiently compact for portability. The 9-by-20-inch footprint can easily be stuffed in a backpack when necessary.


  • Hands-free kick-to-cruise function
  • Locks in cruising speeds of up to 9.3mph
  • Shock-absorbing wheels
  • Fast 90-minute charge
  • Can be used as a traditional bard
  • Lightweight at only 8lbs


  • Weight limit is only 150lbs
  • No remote control

3. Raldey Offroad MT-V3S Electric Skateboard

Raldey Offroad MT-V3S Electric Skateboard

The tires on this Raldey Offroad all terrain electric skateboard are regulated by powerful motors made of a rugged aluminum alloy that is impact resistant. The oversized 105mm wheels are excellent for climbing rough, uneven terrain, reaching and maintaining a high speed of 29 miles per hour max. They are made of a high rebound, shock-absorbing rubber, so the ride will be butter smooth.

The cold-pressed Canadian maple and bamboo deck is firm and tough yet elastic and flexible. It will gracefully hold the weight of a fully grown adult with a weight capacity of 240lbs while adjusting to the uneven ground, facilitating a combination of smooth rides and safety.

This choice for best electric skateboard has a battery pack that’s modular, which makes service and repair easy. They have utilized pouring glue technology on the battery pack to make it more waterproof. Its waterproof rating is IP55. The entire cell assembly is also independent of the deck’s construction and detachable without worrying about connecting wires. The battery is as safe from water damage as it can get on a skateboard (you should still avoid obvious water puddles and test the limits). A battery’s full charging time varies between three and four hours and lasts up to 20 miles.


  • Maximum speeds of 29mph
  • Weight limit of 240lbs
  • Modular battery pack
  • Gets 20 miles with a full charge


  • Charging time of 3 to 4 hours

4. Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard with Rubber Wheels

Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard with Rubber Wheels

This versatile board allows you to switch between PU and rubber wheels to match the terrain, enabling any rider to cruise through diverse terrains, regardless of their skillset.

The oversized 103mm-diameter rubber tires are widened by 24 holes for enhanced shock absorption. The holes act as a buffer zone and distribute the weight, promoting cruising stability and smooth rides on any surface. Their treads have deep grooves for water management, and the rubber is grippy, so the traction is exceptional, even on rain-slick streets. Their extra width increases the friction points with the surface for additional traction and stopping power. They are also shockproof for a smooth ride even over bumpy and uneven terrain.

The Teamgee H20T’s trucks are also compatible with PU wheels for those days you will be riding street exclusively, which are currently offered by TeamGee at no extra cost (though the offer has a limited duration).

Its 7.5Ah battery requires between three and four hours to charge fully, and it can help you cover up to 18 miles on a single charge cycle. An aluminum alloy protective case shields it from the elements. It powers two powerful (600W) hub motors with four acceleration and speed gears, which enable multiple control options, including climbing 30° uphill. It has a handheld Seahorse remote to facilitate this. The lightweight skateboard can attain a maximum speed of 26 miles per hour in three to five seconds; you will feel like you’re flooring a car’s accelerator.

The concave deck has warped sides and a W-shaped foot socket, so your stability is supported by a combination of innovative designs, and you won’t struggle to maintain a foothold. The deck’s shape has positive cambers on all four sides, making it easier and more natural to cruise at the high speeds mentioned above. Its construction involves eight-ply Canadian maple wood reinforced by one ply of fiberglass, and it is stable with just enough flex to diffuse bumps so the ride is smoother and the momentum is not lost.


  • Switch between PU and rubber wheels to match terrain
  • Oversized tires for excellent shock absorption
  • Excellent traction
  • Up to 18 miles on a single charge
  • Aluminum alloy protective battery case
  • Remote control
  • Max speed of 26mph


  • 3 to 4 hours for a full charge

5. KYNG 38” Electric Skateboard with LCD Remote

KYNG 38 Electric Skateboard with LCD Remote

This skateboard features two rugged 450W brushless hub motors that are silent yet deliver high power performance, so you can cruise uphill up to an impressive 23 miles per hour. It offers four-speed modes, catering for all stages of riders, from beginners to seasoned experts.

The powerful 4000mAh rechargeable lithium battery only requires two hours for a complete charge and has a maximum range of between 12 and 15 miles of continuous riding. The regenerative braking technology eases the burden on the battery as it relies on pent-up kinetic energy to stop the board.

It features an intuitive handheld wireless remote controller with an LCD screen with which you can navigate and adjust the speed. Its ergonomically-placed thumb throttle lets you control the board and brake accurately. The LCD screen displays important information such as the odometer, current speed, forward, reverse, and battery indicators. It is visible at a glance, so you can maintain your concentration on the track ahead. This board even has a red LED safety light for clarity where vision is limited, like at night or under deep cover.

The deck is five layers of Canadian maple wood and two layers of bamboo, strong enough to haul up to 250 pounds comfortably. A layer of fiberglass offers the ultimate protection against abrasion, and it also comes with nose and tail guards to protect the most vulnerable spots. The skateboard has a waterproof rating of IP54, which means it can even resist water damage, so the weather shouldn’t be a deterrent.

The low-profile deck is only 3.1 inches from the ground and has a 12mm concave curve that secures your foothold, enhancing control. The 90mm diameter wheels have sufficient clearance to handle uneven terrain and roll over bumps as an off-road electric skateboard should.

The package comes with a KYNG T-tool with which you can adjust parts or tighten loose components.


  • Two brushless motors
  • Top speed of 23mph with 4 speed modes
  • Takes 2 hours to charge
  • Regenerative braking
  • Wireless LCD remote
  • Red safety light
  • 250lbs weight limit
  • IP54 waterproof


  • Battery tends to run out before 15 miles

6. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

The large threaded tires allow this off-road electric skateboard to roll over all kinds of terrain. The dual motor 1600W design, with one powerful motor on each rear wheel, prevents twisting of the board when you are accelerating and enhances traction on dirt. Both wheels apply the same amount of pressure, eliminating single wheel spins.

The handheld wireless remote control has a variable throttle that keeps you in control of the speed and enables braking. There is an integrated anti-lock braking system for safety purposes. The board can attain a top speed of 22 miles per hour, and the riding range for a single charge is between 60 and 90 minutes. It takes between three and five hours for the battery to fully charge. The easy-to-read onboard battery-life indicator keeps you informed so you don’t get caught off guard.

The 10-inch-wide deck can be used by all body types, including extra tall riders with long feet. The maximum hauling capacity is 260 pounds. It also provides stability on uneven terrain, so transitionary and hybrid skaters will have a literal field day.


  • Large threaded tires for all-terrain riding
  • Two motors
  • Wireless remote
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Maximum speed of 22mph
  • Weight capacity of 260lbs
  • Up to 90 minutes on a single charge


  • Up to 5 hours for a single charge

7. Outad Electric Skateboard

Outad Electric Skateboard

It has a high capacity 4000mAh battery that supports a range of between nine and ten miles and only requires three hours to charge. You can also use it as a regular board to extend the battery life or once the battery depletes. The maximum speed is nine miles per hour, which is within its target users’ capabilities.

The functions are controlled by a 2.4Ghz wireless remote with which you can brake, accelerate, and switch between the four-speed modes. LED battery indicators to ensure you are constantly aware of the battery status.

The deck has seven layers of high-quality maple wood and is strong and durable yet sufficiently flexible for a smooth ride on bumpy terrain. Its maximum loading capacity is 187lbs. They come with 70mm diameter wheels which provide sufficient leverage to pass over obstacles and maintain speed. The wheels are easily swapped when you need more traction and ruggedness.


  • Range of up to 10 miles
  • Charges in 3 hours
  • Can use as a traditional board
  • Maximum speed of 9mph
  • 4 speed modes


  • Weight limit is only 187lbs

8. Elifine Electric Skateboard

Elifine Electric Skateboard

This electric skateboard is powered by a lithium-ion battery pushing an electric rear-wheel 125-watt motor designed to deliver a smooth ride without a chain or belt, devoid of alignment issues. The battery provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a charge cycle and requires minimal maintenance. You can revert to manual mode when you run out of juice and use it as a regular board.

Variable speed control eases you in on the skating action as you can increase and decrease it on a whim. Your kicking activates the soft-start, building the motor’s momentum gradually to its highest speed of 10 miles per hour. With the pull of your thumb, it will grind to a halt.

The 29.7-inch-long deck allows a bit of carving and turning action, and because it is five-ply maple wood, it is strong and sturdy to haul weight. A wireless handheld digital remote controls all the action.


  • Maximum speed of 12mph
  • 2 hours to fully recharge
  • 220lbs weight limit


  • Maximum speed of only 8mph

9. Razor X Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Razor X Cruiser Electric Skateboard

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery pushing an electric rear-wheel 125-watt motor that has been designed to deliver a smooth ride without a chain or belt, devoid of alignment issues. The battery provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use on a charge cycle and requires minimal maintenance. You can revert to manual mode when you run out of juice and use it as a regular manual board.

Variable speed control eases you in on the skating action as you can increase and decrease it on a whim. Your kicking action activates the soft-start which builds up the motor’s momentum gradually up to its highest speed limit of 10 miles per hour. With the pull of your thumb, it will grind to a halt.

The 29.7-inch-long deck allows a bit of carving and turning action and because it is five-ply maple wood, it is strong and sturdy to haul weight. A wireless handheld digital remote controls all the action


  • Up to 40 minutes on a single charge
  • Can be used as a traditional board
  • Variable speed control
  • Wireless remote


  • Ride is a little bumpy
  • Maximum speed only 10mp

10. TeamGee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard

TeamGee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard

They call the Teamgee H5 “the blade” because it is the thinnest electric skateboard available. Its 0.47-inch thickness is even more impressive once you realize there are ten layers of Canadian maple wood and one-ply fiberglass compressed together. It is sturdy enough to hold upwards of 200lbs and has a medium flex for a smooth ride on uneven ground. It is 37 inches by 8.7 inches yet it only weighs 14.5 pounds. 

Apart from the usual TeamGee quality standards, it makes it on this list of the best off-road electric skateboards for two main reasons. First, the powerful 750W dual motor design can haul 220lbs up a 20% grade hill for a distance of up to 11 miles at 22 miles per hour. Second, the 90mm diameter PU wheels are replaceable with proper TeamGee offroad wheels should the terrain demand it.


  • Thinnest model around
  • Weight limit of 200lbs
  • Maximum speed of 22mph
  • Maximum distance of 11 miles


  • Poor battery lifE

How To Choose the Best Off Road Electric Skateboards for Your Riding Needs

Battery Life

You usually get a range of distances that the battery can cover on a single charge, but this depends on how fast you are going and the weight you are putting on the motors. The heavier you are and the faster you ride, the faster the battery is depleted.

Many skateboards have the option of riding manually, which should help extend the battery life. If you feel like you will extend the ride beyond the battery’s limit, avoid powering the board until it is necessary so you can also retain some of the battery’s charge.

Deck Width

We don’t have a universal recommendation because the best off-road electric skateboard for you comes in the size that makes you feel the most comfortable. We can, however, share some variables you should consider that will play a significant role in this decision.

Board sizes determine the type of riding you can maneuver in many ways; a thin deck (say 7.25 to 7.5 inches wide) is highly responsive and easier to flip, spin, and perform tricks with. It is also more unstable and therefore not recommended for high-speed cruises. Wide boards (8 to 8.5 inches) are more stable and have a wider turning range, allowing you to attain higher speeds comfortably and transition efficiently.

Your physical attributes will also influence the size of the board that will be comfortable riding. The taller you are, the wider the board will need to be because the higher center of gravity requires a wider base for stability.

Not sure if you need electric? Head out our wider selection of the best off-road skateboards. You might also want to consider a gas powered board or a onewheel board.

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