10 Best Off Road Skateboards For All Terrain

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Off-road skateboards allow you to take uncharted paths and bask in the beauty of nature.

The trails provide a different challenge from what you may be used to in concrete jungles within the suburbs and cities. They bomb through obstacles that would stop a regular skateboard dead in its tracks, which is what sets them apart.

This article looks at some of the best off road skateboards currently available in the market.

We based it on feedback from avid skaters corroborated with online reviews and skateboard retailers. By the end, you should be able to pick the quality of the features of off-road skateboards so you can confidently go hunting for the right board for you.

What Are The Best Off Road Skateboards?

best off road skateboards

1. Atom Longboards 39-Inch All-Terrain Longboard

Atom Longboards 39-Inch All-Terrain Longboard

These boards will roll over everything with their supersized 65mm wide wheels, whose diameters are 100mm. They provide enough clearance from the ground to ride over diverse terrain and are grippy enough to climb uneven surfaces. They also have a high rebound rate thanks to their 78A high rebound urethane.

The rubber shielded ABEC 9 bearings with high speed lubricant make the ride smooth and efficient. The result is an all terrain longboard that delivers when you need speed on the street and traction off-road.

Their stability is enhanced further by the lower center of gravity, owing to their drop deck design and the wider wheelbase of the reverse kingpin trucks. These trucks come with stable seven-inch hangers made of heat-treated aluminum capable of withstanding the high temperatures, vibrations, and impact from uneven terrain and obstacles. Their grade 8 kingpins and CRMO axles are equally rugged and up to the task.

The extra coarse grip tape secures your feet in place, even on treacherous off-road terrain, and is aesthetically appealing, making your board stand out.


  • Super-sized grippy wheels
  • Rubber shielded bearing
  • High-speed lubricant
  • Drop deck design
  • Extra coarse grip tape
  • Seven-inch heat-treated aluminum hangers


  • Large wheels make it harder to push

2. Magneto SUV Skateboard

Magneto SUV Skateboard

The Magneto SUV Skateboard is referred to as a skate utility vehicle (SUV) because it enables a little bit of everything, from paved roads,  pump tracks, bowls, transitioning, parks, and even a little bit of downhill. The 140mm trucks and the 60mm diameter, 40mm wide 78A soft urethane wheels will absorb all manners of shock, making the ride both smooth and responsive. You are therefore able to cruise over rough terrain with ease.

Its wide 8.5-inch deck improves the situation by boosting stability. The seven-ply Canadian maple deck is durable and strong, with a maximum weight-bearing rating of 275lbs and a stiff flex.

The trucks are made of gravity-cast aluminum, so they are also durable and strong. They feature SHR medium stiffness bushings that are just solid enough to guarantee a stable ride but still flexible for turns and shock absorption.

The off road-board is lightweight at only 5lbs, and easily portable as the small footprint (31.5 by 8.5-inch deck) allows you to fit it easily in the back of your car. Skating on the go will no longer be a logistical nightmare with this off-road board.


  • Smooth and responsive ride
  • Excellent stability
  • Weight limit of 275lbs
  • Cast aluminum trucks


  • Grip tape comes off easily

3. Retrospec Rift Drop Through Longboard

Retrospec Rift Drop Through Longboard

The rift longboard features a symmetrical, moderately concave deck with an extra grippy, aesthetically appealing 80AB grip tape. This combination keeps you comfortably grounded and enhances your ability to control the ride. It is made of eight-ply Canadian maple wood, so it can haul weight up to 220lbs. It is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide; plenty of room to adjust your poise for the most comfortable ride.

Seven-inch trucks with reverse kingpin configuration provide a large wheelbase that offers added stability and enables safe grinds, wide turns, and balance at high speeds. The PU-casted 90A bushings also keep the handles stable on uneven surfaces. Its lower center of gravity from being a drop-through longboard also enhances stability.

The cast aluminum alloy trucks on this off-road board are durable and capable of handling extremes, be it temperatures, intense vibrations, or the impact from hitting objects on the ground. They pair well with the relatively soft 78A wheels, which also diffuse the impact and terrain vibrations for a generally smooth ride. The polyurethane wheels are also hardy and come fitted with 608ZZ ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings designed for endurance without compromising the smoothness of the ride or the speed.

The large wheels have a 78mm diameter and are 50mm wide, enough clearance for a bumpy ride or rough terrain, and sufficient traction to manage the board through the carves, cruises, and high-speed downhill runs.


  • Extra grippy surface
  • Weight limit of 220lbs
  • Seven-inch trucks for stability
  • Drop-through design
  • Cast-aluminum alloy trucks
  • Large polyurethane wheels for smooth ride


  • Bearings are not great

4. MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

This all terrain longboard model from MBS features legitimate eight-inch MBS T1 high-rebound rubber wheels with high-grade butyl rubber tubes. Air loss and flats are avoided, enabling the ride to be faster than the preceding models. The speed is regulated by an MBS V brake system that is easy to control and allows smooth stopping (great news for newbies). They use rubber shielded 12 by 28mm bearings and Rockstar II hubs which are durable and serviceable.

They are mounted on die-cast aluminum ATS.12 trucks with rugged Chromoly M6 kingpins and 12mm diameter Chromoly axles that are lightweight, strong, and can take punishment with grace. The dimensions are modular, and you can easily upgrade to any MBS trucks, hubs, or wheels when you need to.

The stiff deck of this MBS all terrain longboard is a sturdy maple and has a footprint of 35.5 by 8.7 inches and a tip angle of 20; all ingredients of a stable ride. It has a 46-grit aluminum oxide grip tape with aesthetically appealing constellation graphics. The tape provides ample traction for your feet with support from easily adjustable F1 Velcro bindings that secure your feet in place, allowing you to focus more on navigation or tricks if that’s your riding style.

Their wide wheelbase, with an axle-to-axle distance of 33.5 inches and an axle width of 15.8 inches also contributes significantly to the stability of the ride.


  • High-rebound rubber wheels
  • Die-cast aluminum trucks
  • Chromoly kingpins and axles
  • Aluminum oxide grip tape


  • Turns aren’t very sharp

5. JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Hoku Flex 2

JUCKER HAWAII Longboard Hoku Flex 2

The JUCKER HAWAII Kaku wheels enable you to ride this board smoothly over most grounds. They have a 78A softness rating, great for shock absorption and traction on diverse surfaces. The wheels’ substantial 55mm width (52 of which is the contact patch) further enhances traction and grip. They provide sufficient clearance for an off-road skateboard with their 69mm diameter. These wheels also have rugged JUCKER HAWAII ABEC 7 ball bearings for a smooth and controllable ride.

The wide deck (9.5 inches) is also substantially long at 39 inches, which combines well with its old-school drop-through mounting, lowering the center of gravity and enhancing the ride’s stability for the high speeds the off-road skateboards are capable of achieving. It is a combination of Canadian maple wood, vertical zebra bamboo, and fiberglass, sturdy enough to carry a substantial amount of weight yet a bit flexible to handle bumps and uneven terrain.

These boards are mounted on JUCKER HAWAII all-round trucks that are seven inches wide and have hard 95A bushings for an enhanced rebound, better stability, and control at high speeds.


  • Good on a wide range of terrain
  • Good grip and traction
  • Drop-through mounting
  • Durable and flexible


  • Deck tape lifts
  • May need to replace bearings

6. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

This model from MotoTec is one of the best electric skateboards on the market and a great choice if you’re looking for an all terrain electric longboard. Two distinct 1600W hub motors power this skateboard, each pushing one rear wheel, so the motion is balanced and traction is maintained. The large all-terrain wheels are grippy across surfaces and will easily roll over obstacles.

You control this all terrain electric skateboard’s dual motor design using a handheld remote control with which you can regulate the speed and initiate braking. The powerful hub motors can attain speeds of up to 22 miles per hour and have an anti-lock braking system for a gradual, smooth, and safe stop. The remote controller features an LED display that constantly indicates the battery status to keep you informed.

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  • Dual electric motor
  • Large grippy all-terrain wheels
  • Hand-held remote controller
  • Max speed of 22mph
  • Anti-lock braking


  • Heavy
  • Poor turning radius

7. APOLLO Longboards 39-Inch Drop Through Longboards

APOLLO Longboards 39-Inch Drop Through Longboards

This board offers a wide range of wheel stiffnesses for traction and stability through a wide range of terrain conditions. Choose from 78A to 90A, with the higher stiffness is ideal for hard and even surfaces where stability and traction are paramount and the softer wheels for uneven or bumpy surfaces where shock absorption is required to reduce vibrations and make the ride smooth. Their 70mm diameter by 51mm width gives sufficient elevation for transition and enough surface area for traction and stability.

The wheels use ABEC9 RS high-speed chrome steel bearings, which are durable and facilitate precise and reliable handling. The package even has a T-tool with which you can switch the wheels, adjust the stiffness, and customize your riding experience instantly.

They have a wide wheelbase, thanks to the reverse kingpin FatCat trucks with seven-inch axles. These trucks are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and are lightweight yet rugged and durable.

The twin tip drop-through deck has three layers of flexible bamboo sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. It is flexible enough to absorb vibrations while it bears the rider’s weight and can hold up to 220lbs. The drop-through design facilitates a lower platform, enhancing stability and making cruising and freestyling easier. It has an OS780 premium grip tape with a cutout in the middle that helps distribute your weight evenly.


  • Choose from multiple wheel stiffnesses
  • High-speed chrome steel bearings
  • T-tool to change wheels included
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum trucks
  • Weight limit of 220lbs
  • Drop-through design


  • Loose grip tape
  • Hardware needs to be tightened before riding for the first time

8. Summit Board Co. Short Longboard

Summit Board Co. Short Longboard

These skateboards come with soft multi-terrain rubber wheels with durometer hardness readings of 78A. They are excellent for shock absorption and can handle numerous terrains, providing flexibility for the rider to explore different tracks. These wheels use high-speed ABEC 11 bearings for a smooth and effortless ride regardless of the speeds attained.

They give a 10-inch wheel span when fitted on the wide seven-inch trucks, enhancing stability and control. The rugged trucks are made of a strengthened alloy and will survive all forms of punishment on the trail.

The deck has an oval shape that is 9 inches wide and 19 inches long. This short, rounded profile makes handling easier, so riders of all skill levels can use it. The compactness also facilitates portability, so you can ride wherever you need to be. It makes it easier to transition and offers a chance for the novice to build confidence and learn skills in a safe environment.

It is a seven-ply deck made of premium maple wood and bamboo, so it’s strong and can bear a lot of weight. All the decks have aesthetically appealing, vibrant heat transfer graphics that add flavor to the most basic tricks.

The package comes with a multi-use skate tool to facilitate any adjustments that need to be made and service the skateboard.


  • Multi-terrain wheels
  • High-speed bearings
  • Short, compact profile
  • Eye-catching graphics


  • Shorter than you might expect for a longboard

9. Waymax 31-Inch Longboard Skateboard

Waymax 31-Inch Longboard Skateboard

This particular installment of the Waymax longboards comes with soft enlarged wheels, so it can roll smoothly across multiple terrains. Their 63mm diameter elevates the board and the axle above most obstacles, boosts speeds, and can roll over obstacles, cracks, and uneven terrain. They are also 51mm wide, which enhances their grip ability due to the larger surface area in contact with the ground at any particular time. They are a soft PU (80A), so they can absorb shock, dissipate impact, and reduce vibrations for a smooth ride.

Premium ABEC-9 bearings support the wheels, reducing resistance and boosting speed in a silky-smooth way. The package includes an all-in-one T-tool with which you can adjust the trucks and wheels, change the bearings or swap the wheels to match your current terrain.

The mid-sized deck is 8.3 inches wide and 31 inches long, allowing versatile applications of the board; you can carve, cruise, or freestyle, a hybrid skater’s dream. It is made of eight layers of alpine hard rock maple, giving it a strong backbone, which can haul the rated 220lbs with ease across diverse terrains. Your feet will rest on a high-density emery grip tape whose no-slip qualities enable you to control the ride with ease.


  • Soft large wheels
  • Versatile action
  • Weight limit of 220lbs
  • High-density no-slip tape


  • T-tool sometimes missing

10. Atom Drop Deck 39-Inch Longboard

Atom Drop Deck 39-Inch Longboard

This Atom longboard also makes it on this list of off-road skateboards largely because of the adaptability of its wheels. They are large with a 70mm diameter and 51mm width and will roll over all kinds of terrain.

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They are soft (78A), giving them a high rebound rate, better traction, and enhanced shock absorption capabilities. The traction is boosted by rubber shielded ABEC-9 bearings greased with high-speed lubricant.

The 1.4-inch drop lowers the center of gravity and improves stability, so you can safely execute those high-speed downhill cruises. The decks are concave with foot pockets and are lined with a 46-grit coarse grip tape. Your feet will be sufficiently secured, and you will have better control. It is a nine-ply maple wood laminate that won’t crumble under the weight.

The reverse kingpin trucks are equally rugged, thanks to grade 8 kingpins and heat-treated Chromoly axles.


  • Large adaptable wheels
  • Rubber shielded bearings
  • Foot pockets
  • Coarse grip tape


  • Grips come off easily

In a Nutshell

An off-road skateboard should have sufficient clearance from the ground to pass over irregular surfaces and other protrusions. It should also be flexible with heightened shock-absorbing capabilities for a smooth ride on uneven surfaces.

There are also general skateboard quality features to consider, like construction, durability, and whether you want an off-road skateboard with a powerful motor.

Different manufacturers achieve these demands differently, and you should know the basics.

New to the sport? Be sure to check our guide on how to ride an off-road skateboard.

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