What Is A 4WD Electric Skateboard?

riding on electric urban modern skateboard with backpack

If you enjoy off-road adventures and enjoy electric skateboarding, you might just fall in love with the 4WD electric skateboard. Although there are several options on the market today, the one that stands out is the “Baja board“. It’s a 4WD electric skateboard that is simply a dream come true for those who love the … Read more

What Is A One Wheel Off Road Skateboard?

man on offroad skateboard

Today, there are technological advancements in almost every market, and one area seeing a lot of positive movement and growth is what tech enthusiasts like to call the “mobility segment.” Technically, this simply refers to devices such as electric cars, electric skateboards, gas-powered mountain boards, and now the One wheel off-road skateboard. Onewheel off-road skateboards … Read more

How to Create Your Own Grass Board

Skateboard laying in grass

Many sports allow the participants to get very close to the terrain at death-defying speeds. Grass boarding is one such sport. It is an experience very much like mountain boarding and all-terrain skateboarding. Grass boarding is all about achieving great speed while maneuvering through the terrain to feel that all-important adrenaline rush that comes with … Read more

Skateboarding vs All-Terrain Boarding: What’s the Difference?

skateboarding stunt

Skateboarding has come a long way since the 50s. What used to be a simple plastic or wooden platform mounted on wheels has become slightly more complicated with a host of variations designed to suit different riding needs. This refinement of different skateboard decks has led to alternative options, such as all-terrain boarding, offroad boarding, … Read more

How Do Gas Powered Mountain Boards Work?

gas powered skateboard

Thousands of adventure fans love the thrill that comes with zipping down the side of a hill in the great outdoors while riding their off-road mountain boards. There are many different kinds of mountainboards, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular mountain boards are motorized, so you have to charge … Read more

Top 5 Advantages of Electric Mountain Boards

electric skateboard on the park on a sunny day

If electric skateboards are the Teslas of the skateboarding world, then the electric mountain board is the Tesla Cybertruck. These rugged EMTBs not only give you the thrill and speed that comes with riding a skateboard but also the ability to go off-road and explore pretty much any terrain that comes to mind. This ability … Read more

Mountainboard vs Longboard: What’s The Difference?

Mountainboard vs Longboard

The choice between riding a mountainboard or riding a longboard entirely depends on what terrain a rider will use and what they hope to achieve. If you are unsure about what you prefer, we’re going to run through some of the key differences of riding a mountainboard vs longboard. We have also included the pros … Read more