What Happened To Dregs Skateboards?

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The previous owners of this site had a selection of Dregs Skateboards for sale that were immensely popular with mountainboarding fans.

The series included some classic downhill racing boards that were a dream to ride – we’re talking about the Pool Service, Biker Pro, Concave Classic… to name just a few.

Dregs were known for awesome long boards with big tails and eye-catching designs.

If you had the pleasure of riding one of these boards, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Street, park, pool, vert, downhill, carving, longboard, speed racing, banked slalom… Dregs sold boards for all riders; boards that were thing a of speed and beauty.

But if you’re here, you’re probably wondering – what happened to Dregs? And why are these boards so hard to find today?

Well, it’s a sad story.

But to start with the inevitable…

Dregs Skateboards Went Out Of Business in 2013

A classic Dregs Skateboards design
A classic Dregs design

You won’t find any new Dregs longboards for sale because the company went out of business way back in spring 2013.

We don’t have the exact details of what happened, but their assets were seized and sold at auction in either late 2012 or early 2013. The shop was boarded up and their support phones disconnected.

Rumours swirled of financial mismanagement and a failed distribution side-project that eventually led to bankruptcy.

All of which is a great shame because these boards were the stuff of infamy.

The original Dregs website went offline in 2013, and their boards have become increasingly harder to find ever since.

Dregs Skateboards
The vintage Dregs website from way back in 2004. Good memories.

Biker Sherlock: The Man Behind Dregs

The man who founded Dregs is Michael “Biker” Sherlock, a New Jersey native and professional downhill skateboarder and street luger.

Biker had an incredible career, competing in the ESPN X-Games and winning gold in his first professional street luging race.

His resume is one of the most decorated in the history of downhill skateboarding – from 1998, he held a spot in the Guinness Book of Records for Most Golds at the X-Games.

But for many of us, he is most known for his founding of Dregs Skateboards in 1996.

The company designed and sold street luge equipment, as well as longboard skateboards and mountainboarding equipment.

What Made Dregs Skateboards Special?

The grand promise of Dregs was always: “Skate harder and faster than ever before.

And their decks set about making this a reality.

With eye-catching and quirky designs, you could always pick a Dregs out from the crowd – if you had time to see it. These boards were prime for rapid downhill cruising across a variety of terrains. They offered excellent stability and smooth turning with rugged durability that really set them apart from the competition.

The company designed a variety of decks that were appropriate for every skill level – from the veteran long boarder, to a complete novice taking to the street for the first time.

Where Can I Buy Dregs Skateboards Today?

The original Dregs website is long-gone, and their distribution channels dried up some 8-9 years ago.

We’ve searched high and low for stores stocking Dregs but the reality is they’re damn tough to find.

Your best bet is to check the secondary market.

eBay has a selection of rare and valuable Dregs boards:

Dregs skateboards

It’s a mixed bag what you’re going to find on there.

Amazon has a single Dregs Longboard available – the Mobber Racer Skateboard – it’s a 9-Ply Canadian Maple football shaped board.

We can’t say how this rides or compares to the legendary Pool Service or Biker Pro boards, but it’s the only ‘new’ board we could find for sale!

Of course, the scene has moved on from when Dregs first exploded in popularity.

These days we see many similar designs from other manufacturers targeting the downhill and racing skateboarding crowd. But we’ll always have a special place in our heart for the original Dregs.

RIP Biker Sherlock

We said that Dregs is a sad story, and that brings us to the sad conclusion.

The untimely death of founder Biker Sherlock on December 3rd, 2015.

There’s a poignantly written tribute piece on Skate Slate that goes in to further detail, and we’d encourage anybody who loved and used a Dregs to take a look.

Biker suffered from a number of head injuries – a bruising reality from years living on the edge and pushing himself to the limit. It’s believed that he had been suffering from anxiety and depression in the years leading up to his death, much of which was likely triggered by CTE.

On December 2nd 2015, Biker told his wife that he needed to go for a drive to clear his mind. He had been acting strange, behaving differently, struggling with simple tasks.

The following morning he was found dead in LA Jolla, his number one surfing spot. He was 47 years old.

Biker left behind his wife Amy and two sons.

RIP Biker.

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